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Former Member
Mar 06, 2017 at 08:04 AM

Budget Error in MIRO


Hi Everyone,

I have a question about budget control. We are using period wise budget control using fund. In our case, we have 1000 $ budget for January and user create a PO with 1000 $ in January. 5th of February, material ledger is running and price of material is changing. After running material ledger, the invoice that is related with PO is coming. Standart price of material was 100$ and after material ledger run it has been 102 $. Our update profile in FM is MM invoice has been received. In MIRO, the system giving an error, the overall budget is exceeded by 15$ for the document..... In fact, in january, the system checked the budget and allow the PO entry. My guess about the reason of error is price difference after running the material ledger. How does system behaviour in this case? Is it consider the price before material ledger running or after?

Thank you very much