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Jul 02, 2006 at 05:16 PM

Stuck while using Light Framework feature of Portal


Hi All,

We are using the light framework feature of portal, having one level navigation layer, provided as tabs in the Top Level. The corresponding pages,iviews are being displayed in the detailed navigation layer.So far Further, navigation to iviews or pages present in different workset/page is being done using the Hashed short URL of the perticular iview.

Following are the things where we are stuck,

1)We have two webdynpro iviews available under different tabs.We can navigate between them but not able to pass any parameters. This is where we are stuck. We tried using passing it along with the short uRL, setting in cookie, nothing seems to be working...Also we We do not want to use EPCM navigation, so that we can avoid navigation using pcd location.

2) For some of the tabs in the first level, there is no detailed navigation i mean no inner pages/iviews. When we click on it, the page seems to be getting shifted towards right with blank space on the left side. This blank space seems to be occupied by the detailed navigation with no contents in it.the iviews are aligned properly if DTN has some links in it.

Please help, its bit urgent.