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Mar 06, 2017 at 07:49 AM

Lookup Retail Products Fiori App



I am trying to implement "Look up Retail Products" fiori app. The system setup is as follows.

1. Front end fiori server 2.0

Frontend components: UIRT401 100 (0009 )

2. Backend server : IS Retail 617

Backend Component: EA-RETAIL 617 (0011 )

After the basic configuration as mentioned in the app implementation document the app is working however the performance of search is very bad.

The app implementation document suggests to connect to TREX/HANA DB for search to solve performance issue. I did created a HANA DB connection from the backend system and tried to create connectors for ARTICLE_H template however i get an error "Article_h switched off". To enable this swtich I found a SAP Note "2093496" which asks us to enable the business function BSESH_HANA_SEARCH. When we try to enable this business function we get an error "BSESH_HANA_SEARCH" can be activated only in a HANA DB.

Our HANA system is not a retail system, we are trying to use it for search functionality using the template mentioned in app implmentation document. I am following the below link for reference in this implementation.

Do anyone have any idea how to search in a HANA system from IS-RETAIL backend system.

Thanks and Regards,