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Jul 01, 2006 at 08:54 PM

help about authentication with SAP GUI


Hi guys,

1-client side. For authentication with SAP GUI, there is a screen in which it is necessary to enter userID and password. I would like to be able to modify this screen by including in it an fingerprint bitmap image (or to generate a popup window during this authentification for the fingerprint bitmap image).

Is it possible to modify SAP GUI in order to obtain such results? (API, source codes, etc…) ?

- If this is possible, can you refer me to good links or a good documentation about how to deal with that.

- if not, which solution do you recommend me? (also links or documentation)

2-client side: After the authentification in SAP GUI, the user usually sees appearing a screen where he can select the modules he wants to use (BW, CRM, SCM,… etc).

In the case that we'll have to develop a new version of SAP GUI (adapted to biometric):

Is there any tools (or automatic ways ) which can automatically allow us to have access to the standard SAP session screens associated to these modules (BW, CRM, SCM, etc…)?

or will it be necessary re-develop (API, coding etc…)each of these standard screens which are usually required in a SAP work session?

Any answers, links or documentations about all of these questions will be helpfull.

Thanks you guys.

Nikita Dehoumon