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Jul 01, 2006 at 01:38 PM

File not written to XI..



I am preparing a Flat File to an XML File scenario. The developments and Configuration have been made in the Integration Repository and the Integration Diretory. The file is getting picked up but the File is not getting written in XI Directory.

When I check SXMB_MONI the status is green. There is no Error, but still there is no file written in the XI Directory.

Wnen running SXI_CACHE the CACHE is not refreshed and the Error is BUSINESS_SYSTEM Error. The "Start Delta Cache Refresh" and the "Start Complete Cache Refresh" is also disabled. We cannot refresh the Cache too.

Another thing while Performing SLDCHECK, we get the Remote Function Call as Green i.e. running but it says "COnnection to SLD is not Working" inspite of the fact that we have all the TCP/IP Connections up and Running.

It will be hugely beneficial to advice me on this. Expecting for a reply soon. Thanking in anticipation.

Thanks and Best Regards

Chakra and Somnath