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Mar 06, 2017 at 07:25 AM

EBS - Payment document reset


HI SAP Experts

I need your help and guidance in dealing with one of the business requirement.

We are in the process of implementing Electronic bank statement process and as a part of this we have a requirement of Reset and reversing the payment document.

Let me explain this using a below example.

on 1st March 2017 XYZ ltd has instructed bank to make payment to Vendor ABC ltd for amount of 1000 USD and Bank has done the payment to ABC ltd and sent Mt940 to XYZ ltd on 2nd March 2017. After receiving the Mt940, XYZ ltd has cleared the bank sub Gl account (out going payment account) and made entry to main bank account as payment to vendor completed.

On the next day ie on 4th March 2017 , bank has realized that the payment made to ABC ltd has failed and money got returned to bank(1000 USD credited in XYZ bank). on the same day bank has sent MT940 to XYZ ltd with 1000 USD credit.

In teh above case, since payment to vendor is failed (not completed) XYZ ltd needs to reset and reverse the clearing document (Initial MT940 posting) and also need to reset and reverse the payment document.

Can you please let me know if this can be achieved by EBS or not.

in this of type of scenario bank is sending the payment document number and a fixed text (payment failed.), now we need to identify the MT940 clearing against the payment document and do a reset and reversal of clearing doc and payment doc.

Please do let me know if this can be achieved by EBS. I have checked the reset and reversal option given OT83- posting rule definition.this can be useful only in the case where we need to reset and revere the payment document. In case when we have clearing document also, this is not much help.

Please guide me on this requirement..

If any details needed on this, please do let me know