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Jun 30, 2006 at 02:51 PM

Upload data to planning area without infocubes


I am ABAPer. Last year consultants implemented APO. Now we have a problem and I am in, without much knowledge of SCM.

I saw captioned topic and replies by Emmanuel Nepomuceno. It resolves most of my problem, but:

Let me explain my problem:

We have a planning book (PB1) in planning area (PA1). Users are using custom ZINTRANS key figures along with many other key figures in PB1. Users have to run a program which runs two FMS BAPI_PBSRVAPS_GETDETAIL and BAPI_PBSRVAPS_CHANGEKEYFIGVAL, to load the ZINTRANS. Both the function modules need planning book (PB1). Every things works fine.

However, last week users created another planning book PB2 in another planning area PA2. I modified the above program to pass PB2 instead of PB1.

Now ZINTRANS key figures does not appear in BP2. Upon debug, I saw a message in second FM stating that ZINTRANS key figures does not exist in PA2.

My problems are (1) I never pass/refer planning area in any of the FM. How does it relates to. (2) Key figure does exist in PA2.

It's long but I have no way to explain the problem. I will really appreciate if some one can help me.

Thank you.