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Mar 06, 2017 at 03:32 AM

Error Balance in Transaction Currency during settlement


Hi All

We are in S4 on premise edition 1511 platform...however this error may be generic and it is as below:

While doing settlement with posting date as current date we get the following error message:

Balance in transaction currency
Message no. F5702

A balance has occurred in transaction currency 'AUD' with the following details:

Exchange rate '00', amount ' 4,000.00-' and currency key 'AUD'.

The data in the transaction currency were transferred from the calling application.

System Response
Your data cannot be processed in FI.

The error is probably in the calling application.

We are trying to settle WBS costs to AUC through periodic settlement when such error is coming.

The same does not arise when we do not take a posting date and when by default system takes the last day of the period.

I have seen a number of discussions in this forum and found this error message may come for different cross module transactions..but I am really not sure why this only comes up while I am mentioning the posting date.


Suman Misra