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Jun 30, 2006 at 08:54 AM

selection-screen problem:need to go back to selectionscreen not source code


Hello experts,

Please help me on my dillema. I have 2 reports, zreport1 and zreport2. Now, zreport1 submits

values via selection-screen to zreport2. Now here is the problem, when I press 'BACK' on the

selection-screen of zreport2(rememeber we used submit statement via selection-screen on zreport1)

instead of going back to the selection-screen of zreport1 it goes to the source code of zreport1 which

is wrong. And there are 2 selection-screens on zreport1 depending on the user if he is controller or not.

So what I need to do here is that whenever I press 'BACK' either I'm adding or modifying or displaying records

it should go back to whatever screen I called in zreport1.

Here's a diagram.



                        if v_controller = 'X'

                        display selection-screen 1500


                        display selection-screen 500


                        if user wants to add records, submit values from zreport1 to zreport2

                        and return via selection-screen.

                        *same goes for edit option.

                        if user wants to display, get all records then display in ALV.



                                              So lets assume user decides not to add records and decides to go back. so he presses

                                              the BACK button in selection-screen of zreport2. Now here's the nasty part, instead of going back to either

                                              selection-screen 500 or 1500 in zreport1, it goes to the source code of zreport1!. I hope I explained it clearly.

                                              Again, thanks a lot guys for your help!