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Data in AFRP2

Mar 05, 2017 at 11:01 AM


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Dear PP experts,

Recently, i have tried to study some blogs talked about backflushing.

Now, for backflushing, i know the data will be kept in AFFW when we set up decoupling confitmaiton IMG or there was lock exception when material document for backflushing was posting.

For backflushing, i know there is a table AFRP2 takes a part in backflushing but i can't observe any data in this table in my backflushing process.

Anyone can explain how AFRP2 table work in backflushing process?

Thanks in advince!!


Joe Yeh

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2 Answers

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Raghava Garre Mar 22, 2017 at 04:13 PM

Dear Joe,

To get the confirmation data stored in table AFRP2, you must have setup the configuration for decoupled confirmation.

To achieve this, Backflush option must be set to "Later in background" in Process control key, which you are using in your Confirmation parameters.

Confirmation Parameters - OPK4

Please revert in case if you are still facing the problem.

BR/ Raghava.

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Dear Raghava,

Thanks for your detail explanation.

I think both you and Venkatesh has pointed out that the AFRP2 only be used into decoupling process for confirmation.

To verify the mechanism, I have set up decoupling in IMG you mentioned.

However, after I posted the backflush GI, it only showed up in AFFW table (with error status 'null') and those records will be removed once I executed program CORUAFPW successfully.

Is this behavior the same as your expect?

More over, I still cannot observe any record in AFRP2 for the process I mentioned above.


Dear Joe,

According to my knowledge, If decoupled confirmation is configured an entry will be created in AFRP2. Please share screenshots of your decouple configuration, Order, confirmation, AFFW table if feasible.

Also as an entry is being created in table AFFW, we can get the Doc. goods mvt error from this table. Input this error record in COGI and execute to see the error. Hope that might help us in some way.

BR/ Raghava

Venkatesh Babu Mar 06, 2017 at 11:57 AM

Dear Joe,

As per my experiance we never came across with the AFRP2 table entries with Auto goods movements (Auto GR / Backflush(Auto GI) and cost calculation..

because all the incorrect goods movement data will get stored in AFFW and incorrect cost data will stored in AFRC

but AFRP2 will be used for decoupling process of confirmation

please refer the below threads for better understanding



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