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Jun 29, 2006 at 03:38 PM

FI_GL_4 Delta initialization.. System copy issue..



One of a kind issue what happened to us here. Our basis guys copied from R/3 PRD to R/3 QA system last week. I am working on QAS to test delta's on Purchasing to connect to BW dev system. During this process, I have deleted delta's from R/3 QAS via RSA7. For some reason, it deleted the same delta's from R/3 PRD. It's strange! not sure why and what has to be changed after each system copy from PRD to QA on R/3 side.

Now the issue, as it deleted delta on R/3 PRD, it deleted delta in BW PRD. Now I want to re-initialize delta for source FI_GL_4. What is the best practice for this one? Is there anyway I can initialize without deleting all the data to that point? or do I need to initialize starting from Jan of this year or whatever possible one we can think of... Any suggestions?