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Jun 29, 2006 at 09:51 AM

Statistical setup for S001 LIS structure


I've read several threads about the issue of loading those InfoCubes which are still populated through the old fashioned LIS structure-based DataSources. However, it's not clear to me which steps need to be performed to implement a delta loading scenario.

Specifically, the 0SD_C01 InfoCube (Customer) is loaded by the 2LIS_01_S001 DataSource, which is based on the S001 LIS structure.

I read in an old book (Business Information Warehouse for SAP, by Naeem Hashmi, 2000 Prima Publishing) that (in a SD scenario) <i>to build initial data loads for SAP BW, you need to first populate LIS tables S260, S261, S262 and S263. The process of populating such tables is called the <b>statistical update</b>.</i>

Then it explains the steps for preparing and loading initial statistical data for SD InfoCubes:

- Disable LIS updating using transactions OMO1 and OMO2.

- Execute statistical update program (transaction OLI7 for S260, OLI8 for S261, OLI9 for S262, and OLI7/OLI8 for S263).

- Load data in BW.

- Activate LIS structures updating (OMO1, OMO2).

<u>The <b>S001</b> structure is never cited</u>! Has it been forgotten or a different procedure needs rather to be followed? Does S001 need any statistical update? If yes, how should this be carried on?

In my system, S001 supports both full and delta update. The delta update is active and the DataSource has already been generated (checked with transaction LBW0). Moreover, the S001 table contains 31.180 entries, the S001BIW1 table contains 36 records, and the S001BIW2 table has 14.620 records.

What do I need to do? To perform an initil load on the BW-side, the S001 updating needs to be deactivated for sure. After this I shall reactivate it and schedule the delta loads. But is this enough?

Cheers, Davide