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Jun 29, 2006 at 08:43 AM

Expression must not return a multilne value



I am trying to create PurchaseOrder message via BPM.

The target MI has:

One Header record

Unbounded Items records

In BPM, Fork of 2 braches is created to recieve Header, another branch use looping to received Items and store into ItemsList

After the fork, a tarnsformation is use to create target MI, which the source contains:

Header (single record) and

ItemList (multiline with Item record)

Now the problem, when I do a check, I always hit the error: "Expression must not return a multilne value"

However if use :

Header (single record) and

Item (single Item record)


HeaderList (multiline record) and

ItemList (multiline Item record)

It does not generate this error.

I seems the tarsnformation does not allow mixing of "Multiline" and "Singleline" for N:1 transformation???

Please advise


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