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Jun 29, 2006 at 06:42 AM

How to Integrate B2B into Portal(7.0)


Dear sirs,

I have installed a CRM 5.0(sp7) based on ABAP and JAVA. The JCRM is installed on the same WAS while the PORTAL(7.0) is installed on another WAS(different form the CRM WAS).

The ISA user management is based on CRM backend, which means that I can use SU01 to edit the B2B user.I also configured the PORTAL UME based on the CRM backend so that I can also edit the B2B user in the PORTAL user management. Now both B2B and PORTAL are based on the same user datasoure. Here is my first question:is this system landscape available for a company who want to use CRM B2B scenario? Because I once heard that EP and JCRM must be installed in the same WAS.

The second question is: When I want to make B2B pages available in PORTAL, is using the URL iview the only way?

For example, I want the URL:https://gwcrmdev:50101/b2b/b2b/ displayed as an iview in PORTAL. I can't found any other way except using an URL iview. But I could see these parameters in the catagory of 'ISA B2B' of PORTAL system defination:

ISA B2B Description: GWB2B

ISA B2B Host Name:

ISA B2B Path: /b2b/b2b/

ISA B2B Protocol: https

I don't know clearly about what use of those parameters. Because when I want to create an ISA iview(from template CRM generial IS iview), I can not find the system field to let me fill the alias 'SAP_CRM'. I also check the 'SHOP' iview in the PCUI package, and I can't find the 'SAP_CRM' too. When I preview this iview, it throws the Portal Runtime Error. Then there is the third question in my mind: How SAP make the iview 'SHOP' connect to the right B2B system? Is it the same problem that we must install EP and JCRM on the same WAS or you can't view the ISA iviews like 'SHOP'?

Your experience will be highly interesting.

Best regards,