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Jun 29, 2006 at 02:16 AM

How to delete Reservations created Automatically


Hi Guys,

Any idea on how to manually delete a reservation which has been created automatically based on a MRP run.

The scenario is we run a MRP on certain parts and based on the stock availability or non availability a reservation is created based on the MRP run.

At times we would like to delete these automatically created reservations. SAP Does not allow to delete the reservations or even change the reservations from MB22 transaction since it has been created automatically. It throws an error as below.

Reservation created automatically. No manual changes possible
Message no. M7522

This reservation has been generated automatically by the system and can, therefore, not be changed manually. You can only change automatically generated reservations by changing the document (for example, the production order) to which the reservation refers.

To change the reservation, proceed as follows:

1. Find out for which document the reservation has been made. To do this, display the reservation.
2. Change the originating document. The system will then change the reservation accordingly.

The point is that we dont have any preceding documents like a Planned order or anything. The reservation is simply created based on MRP run and stock availability.

Any idea if there is simple way to delete the reservations without programming????



I Have identified a BAPI BAPI_RESERVATION_DELETE to delete a reservation but was wondering if there is any std way to delet rather then coding for the above requirement.


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