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Message MM326 when updating profit center field in material master

I understand that when updating the material master profit center field, there should be no inventory in previous and current period. But once I bypass that error message, I may get the "There are still open PO items or scheduling agreements" error. Even if the PO and SA line items are fully received and fully invoiced, I still get the MM326 error. However there are PO/SA scenarios that are still open qty and therefore the error makes sense.

We are attempting to reclassify several materials with a new profit center. If I continue with the MM326 as a hard error, this could mean updating/deleting 1,000's of PO/SA line items. I understand about creating inconsistencies if I change the error message to a warning. However, my client on March 31, wants to no longer post certain materials to the old profit center, any new activities/posting occurring on April 01, should post to new profit center.

Here are the steps I am proposing.

1. I ensure previous period is 0. If not, make adjustment.

2. I post inventory for consumption, to 0 current inventory.

3. I change MM326 to warning

4. I change the profit center in the material master

5. I change MM326 back to error

6. I return the inventory from consumption to unrestricted. It now adopts the new profit center.

Therefore, even if the PO was partially received and partially invoiced prior to April 01, those were already posted to old PC. Anything posted on April 01 and beyond can post to the new PC. Can anyone think of reasons why this will not work, with the ultimate goal is to post activities April 01 and beyond to new PC?

I have read through Note 1709285. It does not completely answer my concerns

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Mar 04, 2017 at 07:32 AM

    Test your scenario!

    The purchase order item has the profit center in field KO_PRCTR , which is filled from material master at the time when the PO is created.

    If you change the material master profit center then the profit center in the PO is still the old profit center, and a goods receipt and invoice receipt will be done in reference to the PO and post to the old profit center, so you are just creating inconsistencies if you do not delete the PO items and create new items

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