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Former Member
Jun 28, 2006 at 04:44 PM

SBO is disappointing


Hi all,

Are we the only company worldwide that is unhappy with SBO? R3 must be a great system, but SBO certainly isn't.

We started using SBO on Sept 2005, using version 2004. The app continuously crashed, on any computer, without any add-ons on it. We also had a very funny problem: SBO wasn't unable to know that Feb didn't have a 30th day, making it self give an error message because of its own mistake. It wasn't able either to calculate installments properly. The list was huge. It was a struggle to have SAP to admit the system was wrong, just to admit, because not too many actions have been taken to improve it.

We have just updated to version 2005+patch1 and our worse 3 problems have gone, but we have new problems that were not in 2004 and some of them are still there.

I used to beleive that SAP was a strong and reliable company but I'm not any longer. There's software that you can buy for $100 that doesn't have the silliest bugs SBO does. Is it so difficult for a company like SAP to get a team of 5 people and have them for a month working on the software.

Of course SBO has great tools, but they're hidden by all the stupid bugs it has. The strangest thing is that I found no one on the internet complaining about SBO.

I just hope to receive some feedback from real users and hopefully from SAP headquarters.