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Jun 28, 2006 at 02:46 PM

Paginator in TreeByNestingTableColumn



I have a requirement where im supposed to set the paginator size based on the expanded rows in the table.

The max number of rows in the table must not exceed 10 - whether expanded or collapsed.

Im able to achieve the size OnExpand of the tree using OnLoadChildren action handler in the MasterColumn.

But not able to compute the number of rows currently displayed on the table in case of collapse.

For example, If I have 4 header items with each header item having 2 child rows, when i expand all the header items, i am able to display only the 10 rows, and make the rest two rows accessible through paginator controls.

But when I collapse all the rows, the table size must reduce to 4, whereas it remains 10( which was calculated OnExpand)

Im not able to recalculate the size of the rows on collapse, as there is no event triggered OnCollapse.

Please Help!