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Link list card examples from Overview Pages?

Mar 03, 2017 at 08:23 PM


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Does anyone know where to find annotation properties or have code examples for a Link List Card in SAPUI5 Overview Pages? I ca't seem to find any online and SAP Build doesn't have this card as one of their option. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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1 Answer

Allan Jason Mercado Apr 16 at 07:22 AM

Hi Adam,

We're you successful on using a Link List card for your OVP?

I'm following the guide below to implement the navigation via Semantic Object. Unfortunately for my side it still does not work.

Give it a try maybe it will work for you.

For my Link List, I have the following annotation and card. When I click on an item, I can see a oData call happening in the Developer Tools > Network (Chrome) but it does not navigate to the new application.

” Annotation
<Annotations Target=”ZTM_TEST_SRV.QuickLink”>
<Annotation Term=”UI.Identification” Qualifier=”QL_Semantic”>
<Record Type=”UI.DataFieldForIntentBasedNavigation”>
<PropertyValue Property=”SemanticObject” Path=”SemanticObject”/>
<PropertyValue Property=”Action” Path=”Action”/>
<Annotation Term=”UI.HeaderInfo” Qualifier=”QL_Header”>
<Record Type=”UI.HeaderInfoType”>
<PropertyValue Property=”TypeName” String=”{@i18n>title_link}”/>
<PropertyValue Property=”TypeNamePlural” String=”{@i18n>title_links}”/>
<PropertyValue Property=”Title”>
<Record Type=”UI.DataField”>
<PropertyValue Property=”Value” Path=”Title”/>

” Card
“com_test_home_QL”: {
“model”: “TestModel”,
“template”: “”,
“settings”: {
“title”: “{{com_test_home_TestHome_card01_title}}”,
“entitySet”: “QuickLinkSet”,
“listFlavor”: “standard”,
“identificationAnnotationPath”: “”,
“headerAnnotationPath”: “”



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