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[BUG] Alert moderator - wrong list of reasons

Mar 03, 2017 at 08:19 PM


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Looks like after the recent update the dropdown for the reasons in Alert Moderator is incorrect - "Failed to search" is missing and all the nonsense (Profanity, Slander, etc.) is back.

Please someone fix this ASAP.

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Thanks for sharing this, Jelena. I'm reporting it right now.

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Jerry Janda
Mar 15, 2017 at 05:43 PM

Hi, Jelena:

This has been fixed. I am going to announce this fix in the new Release Highlights blog post -- which I'm working on now.

Best regards,


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Jerry the list was updated but I don't see "Failed to search" option that I believe we used to have. This would account for 90% of my moderator alerts. Now I'm not sure what am I supposed to use when someone posts an RTFM / didn't Google / spec dump question.

Edit: also now Alert Moderator button opens a box underneath it instead of a pop-up, as it used to. The problem with this is when the button happens to be at the bottom of the screen then this box is not visible because it's not navigated to. At first I thought I didn't click the button but then realized I had to scroll manually. This is the same problem as with the comment box that opens outside of the visible screen area. This is a rather bad web design IMHO and not something that needed changing anyway.

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It's the first one and selected by default. At least for me. ^^ And I get the popup, too.


Now the big question: Is your view the current one and mine not up-to-date or the other way around? oO

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Ah, OK, my bad - I was actually in the blogs. It works differently there (what doesn't? :) ).

Thanks for clarification!


Oh, I forgot about the blogs for this. :X

You're welcome!