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SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit is loading, please wait...? and Web IDE Loading?

Mar 03, 2017 at 08:56 PM


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I love SAP Cloud Platform free developer account and Web IDE. Though sometimes I get this "SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit is loading, please wait..." and for Web IDE "Loading" too! And waiting and waiting! This is really frustrating! This makes me not to trust the cloud platform! It's hard to believe this is happening! User experience is important :-)

PS: I have tried clear my Chrome browser's cache and history several times, but no help! Still waiting...

Any answers, comments! Is this a know issue?

PS: By the way I cannot use any SAP Cloud Platform primary tag, there is an issue!

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Thanks Tuncay for your help on the other thread -- strange our renamed tags worked at first but you definitely ran into a problem. Glad that part is sorted.

I'm sorry I have no response yet on my internal query on this Web IDE issue. I'm recalling someone else had a similar issue and it was related to browser settings - maybe a browser in debug mode? Can you think of any changed browser settings recently? Meanwhile apologies for the inconvenience- hope it's resolved soon so you can get back to work.


Thank you Moya. I didn't change my browser settings recently. It sometimes happens sometimes not! I checked my Chrome settings but nothing got my attention. Maybe it's something HTTPS calls, certificates?


Can you please send me a private message with your account number so I can have our DEV check on the status? And a URL of your web-ide to locate the landscape information.




Jin - It seems I am able to send private message only to "Members who follow me"...

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2 Answers

Morten Wittrock
Mar 07, 2017 at 09:26 AM

Hi Tuncay

When this happens, have you tried accessing the cockpit in Chrome's incognito mode? That would rule out any odd cookie issues.

Also, this is the go-to page for information on the current availability of the SAP Cloud Platform, including both the cockpit and Web IDE in the trial landscape.



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Hi Morten,

Thank you for the response. I didn't try incognito mode at that time. As I mentioned it happens sometimes, if it happens again I will try incognito mode. Thanks for the link (SAPCP Status), I will check the statuses as well.

Michal Keidar
Mar 07, 2017 at 07:39 AM


First, if you can't login to the cockpit, you won't be able to login to Web IDE as well.

There were several outages recently of HCP, especially in EU area, I know they are working on it. Not a good experience I agree.

Using trial account has its downside I guess.

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Michal, thank you for the response. As Morten gave the link above I will check SAPCP's status if I experience same thing. Thanks.