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Mar 03, 2017 at 06:32 PM

Understanding UI annotations in O-Data metadata, CATALOGSERVICE and annotations.xml

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I am pretty new to o-data based SAP Fiori UI and Smart Templates UI. And I am confused about UI annotations and how they influence the UI.

In any o-data based FIORI launchpad -

O-data service metadata document contains 2 different kind of annotations.

1. One is SAP o-data annotations as described here. These annotations play a role in entity description, relationship and visibility etc. I understood these annotations very well from the link above.

2 (a). However, I see that there is another set of annotations in many o-data services, which do have the element <Annotations>. These are represented as

2 (b). And apart from these annotations, I see annotations are also supplied from

i) - CATALOG SERVICE Url's -> URLs are something like


ii) - annotations.xml -> application specific annotations provided by javascript app developer.

SAP UI5 somehow merges all the annotations from these resources and produce the UI.

I am interested to know how is this done? Algorithm?

Is there any documentation on this topic i.e. on these UI <Annotations>, their sources and merging?

I need to replicate this logic in java somehow and am wondering if there is a library (O-Lingo does not deal with these kind of annotations) which can help me? If not, then at least if I understand the algorithm behind these annotations and merging them all by javascript - it will help me developing one my own.



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