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Updating calculated cost of sale in Results Analysis

We have specific requirement related to Results Analysis within Project system, wonder if someone has done it before or have come across similar situation.

What we want to achieve is book current months cost as WIP and prior months cost as cost of sale when we run Results analysis using transaction KKA2.

Example: Period 01 (Prior month) - Revenue $4,000, cost of sale is $3,500, cumulative Revenue 50,000 cost of sale 40,000.

Period 2 (current month) - Revenue $7,000, cost of sale is $6,000

Expected Results: Calculated Cumulative Revenue - 57,000

Calculated Cumulative Cost of Sale: 43,500

Periodic Revenue: 7,000

Periodic Cost of Sale: 3,500

Work in Progress: 6,000

Any suggestions how to achieve these results will be much appreciated. We have been successful in getting WIP calculated correctly but periodic cost and accumulated cost values are not getting updated as expected.


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