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Alert Rule for shared IDOC Integrated Configuration Object

Hi Team,

We are using the SAP PO 7.5 single stack java installation. We have configured the alert mechanism in PO 7.5 to send email notification to the support team whenever there are message failures in the system. The alert is working fine.

However, we have this scenario where the source system and source IDOC are being shared by two different interfaces (INP1254 & INP1036). We have created one Integrated Configuration for this scenario and two alert rules to distinguish which of the two interfaces would have failures. Ideally, what we want is that if IDOC fails for the INP1254 map, the INP1254 alert should be triggered while if it fails for INP1036 map, INP1036 should be triggered.

We tried having the ICO and service interface included in the alert rule but it is still trigger both the alerts for INP1254 and INP1036 (receiving two emails). Last setup, we did was to remove the ICO but include the component, configuration scenario and service interface but this time it did not trigger any alert.


ico.jpg (60.7 kB)
alert1036.jpg (43.1 kB)
alert1254.jpg (42.6 kB)
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