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Former Member
Jun 27, 2006 at 12:47 PM

ICON on List Box


Hi all,

Is it possible to have an icon as a value in the Dropdown listbox without using iterator? My client wants to see an icon in the place of the normal text character description when they do a dropdown for possible options.

I have already tried the following :

<htmlb:dropdownListBox id= "qsddl1"

table = "//returnsb/gt_status"

nameOfKeyColumn = "value"

nameOfValueColumn = "id"

selection = "//returnsb/p_svalue"

disabled = "false" />

where id is a 4 character field in the table (type icon_d) and contains for example value @xy@.

When I run the BSP @xy@ is displayed in the dropdown and not an icon.

Can anyone help?