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Addon compatibility with SAP HANA

Till now, I used .NET/C# to write a complex addon for SAP Business One 9.2. The client that used my addon has a Windows server and uses the MSSQL server implementation of SAP. Recently, we installed the SAP GateKeeper on a separate server and I realized that the addon works perfectly in web access (partly because the gatekeeper uses a local SAP B1 Client installation).

My question is, If another client would like to use my addon, can they use it even if they have SAP Hana, hosted on Linux? I read the guidelines about migrating mssql to hana and I understand that the addon needs to use ui/di api for everything and to have no additional dependency. But how is this works really? Do I host the sap hana on a linux machine, that works solely as a database server and the same SAP B1 desktop client for Windows (x86 or x64) connects to it and launches the same addon as the one I am used to? What about GateKeeper/web access? Do the same gatekeeper can host a web interface for SAP HANA or If another server (a linux server for web access for example) is needed, how can it launch/load my addon, that is written in .C#? I doubt that the Linux server will load it, but something seems off, because If the HANA installation is linux based, for having web access one would need another windows server to host gatekeeper and it sounds stupid.

TL;DR: How can I make sure that my addon works perfectly on both SAP HANA and SAP MSSQL (if it is possible) and still have web access, that can load my addon?

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    Jul 05, 2017 at 09:32 AM

    If you want to keep the same legacy architecture and functionalities on your addon on HANA. Is just a matter of not using MSSQL specific functions. Please take a look at this cookbook.

    the browser access is a bit different. Altought you run it on the same server of your B1 SQL Database we recommend having a separate "presentation server" only for the browser access.

    This is the same case for HANA, a separated Windows server that will serve the Browser Access Clients.

    Bear in mind that the following notes when working with BA and the guides that come with them:

    2194233 - Behavior changes in Browser Access mode of SAP Business One as compared to Windows desktop mode

    2194215 - Limitations in SAP Business One Browser Access

    Last but not least, there are other ways to implement your solution on Business One on HANA.

    I strong recommend you to take a look at this blog where we provide some insights about it.

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