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Mar 03, 2017 at 01:18 PM


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Hi All,

is it possible to somehow restrict the Fiori App "Configuration", so that if I create a role with access to this app, the user can only use this app to configure one specific planning area? It is not possible by using the general restriction for a business role, since this specific app is not restrictable by default. I was hoping there might be some other way.

This is my scenario:

I have 4 different planning areas, I restricted the Business Role that only 2 of them are available using the excel add-in and other fiori apps like dashboard. Now I also want users of this Business Role to have access to the app "Configuration" where you set up your planning areas, but the user should only able to change planning area number 1. But so far he can change all 4 planning areas. Does someone know if this is possible somehow?

I'm working with SAP IBP 1611

Thanks in advance


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Lingaiah Vanam Mar 24, 2017 at 12:27 PM

Hi Venkat,

There is no specific restriction for "DashBoards". Below are the restriction areas where you can restrict the business objects.

General, Key Figures, Master Data, Version Specific key figures, Assignment of Forecast Models, Planning Operators, Subnetworks, Templates, Data Lifecycle Management,

Hi Bastian,

It is not possible to restrict changes to only 1 out of 4 planning areas. You can read or write access applicable to all planning areas.

Best Regards,


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Lingaiah Vanam Mar 03, 2017 at 03:14 PM

Hi Bastin,

As per my knowledge planning area restriction to a user using Business Role not available. I will explore and let you know any workaround solution for this requirement.

Best Regards,


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Hi Lingaiah,

could you find any workaround solution or is it not possible?



Lingaiah Vanam Mar 24, 2017 at 04:35 AM

Hi Bastian,

In IBP 1702 version planning area restriction is possible. You can create business role and assign to Business users with restrictions like planning area action should be "Read" or "Write". If you maintain as "Read" planning area changes not allowed by the user, if ou maintain "Write" planning area changes are allowed.

This feature is not only for Planning area or planning objects like Master data types, attributes, keyfigure also.

Best Regards,


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Former Member

Hello Lingaiah Vanam,

Can you please extend your help, in letting us know on how to restrict the "Edit" functionality of the DashBoards.

Where to maintain them ?




But is is also possible to allow only changes to only 1 out of 4 planning areas? In 1611 it is also possible to use read and write restrictions, but write restrictions can't be separated.


Hi Experts,

I also want to restrict configuration access of users to a specific planning area. I thought we could restrict it at catalog level but SAP specifically states that business catalog - SAP_IBP_BC_PLANMODEL_PC can not be restricted. This along with SAP_IBP_BC_PLANMODEL_ACT_PC and SAP_IBP_BC_PLANMODEL_CF_PC controls the configuration access of planning areas.

SAP Help Link -


Did you guys find any work around, as for my case I have removed these catalogs from my business role so that users can't even go into configuration settings but this is not an acceptable approach. :(

Please help.


Naveen K

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