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Compensatory Off Quota Generation if employee work on a Week Off or Public Holiday

Mar 03, 2017 at 12:35 PM


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Dear All,

We have a requirement,

If an employee work on a Week off or Public Holiday, then one Comp off quota to be generated for the employee automatically by the system. This should happen only if the employee work for the full day ( Like if the employee is from 8 hrs working shift then we need to check whether whole 8 hrs is marked as attendance in the Teven table). There are different shift with different working hours like 10 hours, 9 hours etc...

Can any one help me to achieve this scenario?

Thanks & Regards,

Sreenu Sreekumar

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Kory Thomas Mar 03, 2017 at 02:31 PM

Hi Sreenu,

Here is a high level outline of how you can accomplish the task that you've described. I will assume that you have already configured your Comp quota as well as any absences which deduct from it so my instructions are purely for generating the quota. I will also assume that you have a time type which tracks employee working hours so that you can verify that they have worked the full day.

  1. First create a time type in V_T555a to represent the comp off quota amount you will be generating.
  2. Perform the following tasks in V_T559L for the appropriate groupings. This cluster table will allow you to access all necessary config. points for setting up your quota generation rule.
  • First check to make sure you quota is properly configured as far as the validity/deduction intervals and validity period for default.
  • Create a base entitlement rule with a specified day balance. Enter the time type that you created in step 1.
  • Create a selection rule, add your base entitlement rule to this selection rule, select a daily accrual period in the accrual period tab, and select "upon accrual" in the transfer time tab.

3. Once you have your rule configured and saved you will need to create a PCR and add it to your time schema in order to generate the quota. This rule will need to fill the time type that you specified in step 1 with the amount of quota the employee should receive once the conditions have been met (e.g. the employee worked >= to their planned hours). Your rule needs to do the following:]

  • Filter out unnecessary employee populations by specifying which location, employee type, etc. the quota shouldn't apply to. You can leverage operation OUTWP for this.
  • Check if the current day is a holiday. For this you can check if the holiday class is equal to 0. VARSTHOLCL (sorry i'm not on a device with SAP at the moment so bare with me if this isn't the exact call)
  • Compare the value of the time type which tracks the number of hours the employee has worked for the day with the value of their planned hours. You can use the HRS operation for this.
  • If the value of the employee's working hours is greater than or equal to planned hours then perform the operation HRS=S and use the operation ADDDB to fill the time type you created in step 1 with the amount of planned hours the employee has. This will generate your quota for compensatory off time with the amount of planned hours.

If you have any questions let me know.

- Kory Thomas

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Dear Kory Thomas,

First of all thanking you a lot for the support.

My working hours are in the Teven table as P10 (Clock In) and P20 (Clock Out). How can I bring the hours worked to a time type which i create? Can you help me in this too?

Thanks & Regards,

Sreenu Sreekumar

Sreenu Sreekumar Mar 09, 2017 at 01:07 PM

Dear All,

My working hours are captured the Teven table as P10 (Clock In) and P20 (Clock Out). There will be only one entry for P10 and one entry for P20 per day. How can I bring the total hours worked for the day to a time type?

Thanks & Regards,

Sreenu Sreekumar

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