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SAP IP planning function 0RSPL_SET_VALUES


Thanks to SAP generous help, I was unable to find any information about planning function

0RSPL_SET_VALUES - Set Key Figure Values

what kind of output it produces and in which cases it can be utilized.

Any detailed info is very welcome

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2 Answers

  • Posted on Aug 19, 2019 at 06:15 PM

    Here is a simple example on how to use 0RSPL_SET_VALUES:

    1.The aggregation level ALVL01 contains the characteristics

    0FISCPER Fiscal Year Period

    0FISCVARNT Fiscal Year Variant

    ZTSC0OCCA Cost Area

    ZTSC0OCCC Cost Center

    ZTSC0OCCE Cost Element

    ZTSC0OCUR Currency

    ZTSC0OCV1 Version

    ZTSC0OQUA Quantity

    and the key figures

    ZTSC0OKAS Amount

    ZTSC0OKND Number (DEC)

    ZTSC0OKNI Number (INT)

    ZTSC0OKQS Quantity

    2. The filter FILT01 defined on Aggregation level contains the following restrictions

    0FISCPER 001.2006-012.2006



    ZTSC0OCCC CC__000001,CC__000002

    ZTSC0OCCE CE00000001,CE00000002


    ZTSC0OCV1 V001


    Without characteristic relationships there exist 12 * 1 * 1 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 1 * 2 = 192 possible combinations.

    3. The planning function is based on aggregation level ALVL01, under 'Fields to be changed' and

    'Fields for Conditions' nothing is selected; in the 'Parameter' section we set


    VALUE_TAB (i.e.Table with Conditions and Value): Key Figure Value = 111 and Key Figure ZTSC0OKNI

    'Create combinations': X

    (other parameters have default values).

    Without the flag 'Create combinations': X the function would work with posted data only. With the flag 'Create combinations': X the system creates all valid combinations described by the filter FILT01; assume no data records exist yet; the system will create 192 combinations and apply the SEL_TAB rule (since 0FISCVARNT = K4 in all records) and lookup rule from VALUE_TAB ( ZTSC0OKNI = 111) and thus set key figure ZTSC0OKNI to value 111 for all records that meet the SEL_TAB rule, i.e. all records in this example.

    In general, the rules in SEL_TAB numbered by SEL_SEQNR are merged with the corresponding VALUE_SEQNR setting in VALUE_TAB.

    So, to extend the above example in 3 we want to set the key figure values of ZTSC0OKNI in all records to 111 and in all records with ZTSC0OCUR = EUR we want set the key figure values of ZTSC0OKAS to 222. To do this we create an additional rule in SEL_TAB: with SEL_SEQNR = 1 and ZTSC0OCUR = EUR and in VALUE_TAB we create the corresponding setting VALUE_TAB: with VALUE_SEQNR = 1 and Key Figure Value = 222 and Key Figure ZTSC0OKAS.

    The SEL_SEQNR, VALUE_SEQNR can be maintained in the corresponding pop-ups in the bottom under 'Direct Input'.

    4. Now we want to extend example 3: we want to set the key figure values as in 3 but we want to distribute the set key figure values to characteristics ZTSC0OCCC, ZTSC0OCCE. Thus these two characteristics have to marked as 'Fields to be changed', in the Parameter section we set 'System response if distribution not possible' to value G (default is I).

    With this setting the system would distribute e.g. the value 111 of key figure ZTSC0OKNI per block (as defined by the 'Fields not to be changed') to the 4 possible combinations of characteristics ZTSC0OCCC, ZTSC0OCCE. Similarly, the system would distribute value 222 of key figure ZTSC0OKAS per relevant block (ZTSC0OCUR = EUR) to the 4 possible combinations of characteristics ZTSC0OCCC, ZTSC0OCCE.

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  • Posted on Mar 03, 2017 at 01:49 PM

    Hi Aleksandrs,

    you can check the documentation:

    for more information.



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