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Cannot deploy app to SAP Cloud Platform from WebIDE

Mar 03, 2017 at 10:33 AM


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I cannot deploy SAPUI5 application to Cloud Platform when pushing a new version of an existing app.

I am getting this error:

Cannot deploy the application.Other artifacts found with the same ID {0}.

Change the application attribute in the manifest.json and try again.

I changed the id throughout the project, it worked, but on a second deploy it fails again with the same error.

The console stops at "Checking for existing applications with ..."

Thanks a lot.

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2 Answers

Jin Wong
Mar 03, 2017 at 10:17 PM

Hi Dan,

This is a bug. The WEB-IDE team will fix this issue over the weekend.

Sorry for about this problem.


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Hi Jin, we are suffering from the same problem. Interestingly, it only seems to affect our most recent apps, created about 6 weeks ago. Older apps seem to deploy without issue. Good luck fixing it soon!

Michal Keidar
Mar 04, 2017 at 01:19 PM

Now fixed.


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Former Member

hello @Michal keidar i am still facing same issue. Is there some setting required to overcome this problem.

Former Member

Hi @Michai, same issue here. Any update on the fix?


What is the flow you're executing exactly?
On which landscape you're working on?
Are you deploying to the same account you're currently working on or to a different account?



we are facing the same problem here. We want to update an existing application in Europe (Rot), but the deployment process stops with the above error message. Strange thing is, this happens only with 1 of our 60 deployed applications.

Any help appreciated.

Best regards,

Christian Späh


Please take a look at your app's manifest.json attribute.
It should be unique. If you have another app already deployed with the same then you will get an error.
Please make sure it is unique.



Hello Michal, in manifest.json is unique. To be sure, i downloaded all deployed applications and checked their ids. They are all unique. We faced this problem around march for the first time.

Strange thing is, that we can't update an already deployed application with that id!

We removed the deployed application and even deleted the corresponding git repository, just to be sure. But it is still not possible for us to deploy an application with this id.

Best regards,



Are you using the trial landscape or the non-trial?

I'm asking because the best way to investigate it is to open a ticket and provide more information such as the network trace, console logs, etc.


I am currently facing the same issue in a non-trial landscape.

I also tried deleting the application and trying to deploy it again but it keeps saying that the ID already exists (I also double checked and all the IDs of the deployed applications are unique too).

Is there any way to force deleting old/hidden/"out of synchronization" artifacts given a specific ID?


Hi Lidia,

we investigated our problem together with sap support. This is our solution, maybe it works for you, too.

Go to SAP Portal Service of your specific SAP Cloud Platform subaccount. Open the admin space for one of your sites. Navigate to "App resources" on the left and do a hard reload for the page. This will trigger an update process in the background.


Yes this is the solution.



I wanted to add a little bit more description here for those who are not so familiar with the platform (like me)

1) Open your cockpit and navigate to your subaccount.

2) Go to services tab and open "Portal"

3) Choose "Configure Portal" under the Take Action section.

Even though I could not see "App resources" (most probably due to authorization), those steps still solved my problem.

Thanks for your help.