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MultiMapping failed due Namespace issue

Dear all,

I try to do a File2File mapping. Both systems are SFTP connections to ERP filesystems.

PI 7.5 Java only.

From one source file, I would like to create two target files (multimapping).

First error I got was "InterfaceDetermination did not yield any actual interface" which I could solve by removing the SWK value for sender interface in ICO.
But now the mapping failed for first message, because :
"Values missing in queue context. Target XSD requires a value for this element, but the target-field mapping does not create one. Check whether the XML instance is valid for the source XSD, and whether the target-field mapping fulfils the requirement of the target XSD"

This is caused, because the message has now the namespace of the mapping SWK and not from sender interface SWK. If I change the namespace in mapping test tool, the message get mapped without errors.

I already tried to remove namespace from sender interface message type and also changed the interface pattern in sender interface to Stateless XI30 Compatible.

Any ideas how get the sender interface namespace in the message again?



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1 Answer

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    Posted on Mar 03, 2017 at 02:24 PM

    Found the problem.

    I am using content conversion in sender file adapter and I maintained the wrong namespace there.

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