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Mar 03, 2017 at 03:22 AM

Fixed asset with declining balance depreciation key


Hi all,

There's probably an explanation already out there for this question however I'm struggling to locate one, so can anybody help please?

An asset was created with a declining balance depreciation key (11.4%) with period control method 006 (see screenshot below).

After posting an acquisition on the 28 of Feb (our Fiscal Year variant is from June to July so it's period 08.2017), the planned depreciation is like this:

First question: I can understand how the depreciation for FY2018 and onwards was calculated (11.4% of NBV), however, I don't know how the depreciation for FY2017 ($640) came up to here. Can anyone guide me how this was calculated by the system? Please note, the acquisition was posted on Period 8 of 2017.

Second question: After acquiring the asset, we decided to transfer this asset to another asset (under the same company code) for some reason using ABUMN. The transfer was made also in the same period as the acquisition (08.2017). However, after the transfer, there are still planned depreciation balance (although positive) remaining in the sending asset (see below). Again, can someone guide me how did this happen?

It must be on the depreciation key used because when I use a straight-line method depreciation key, everything goes with the transfer.

Thank you in advance.



depkey.png (14.6 kB)
depreciation.png (28.2 kB)
transfer.png (16.6 kB)