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Inbound IDOC - changes for idoc structure

Hello SAP Experts, Need your advise

There is one file which comes from 3rd party system and using idocs accounting docs are posted in SAP. This is happing for Co code XYZ. I have been told that we need to use the similar approach in my current project so that file comes in the same manner & post acc doc. In my case I have around 10+ company codes with different regions.

Background in current process-

1. PI will process the file & trigger IDOC using basic type ACC_DOCUMENT03
2. PI maps the basic data into IDOC segment structures
3. During IDOC processing a custom function module will post the acc doc from basic idoc data supplied by PI & data from ZBRF entries.

My Quesiton is - Since I have to build similar thing in other company codes

1. What is the configuration I have to do to enable similar approach for the 10+ co code which I am working, i am thinking in terms of idoc segement I have to map this idoc related structure to company code?

2. What is ZBRF entries

3. Can you please advise me what all changes I have to do to enable similar approach for my new 10+ company codes.

4. If I am working with developer what all things I have to focus as I just have to extend this for my company codes..

5. Since the acc doc is posted how can I map the GL account here as we map in VKOA & OBYC for SD & MM Intergration...

Thanks in advance...

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