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Jun 22, 2006 at 02:59 PM

Problem with F4 help in ITS. Please help!


Hi Experts,

I have a selection screen. On a field SOLD_TO in the screen screen I have a F4 help. I have created a elementary help for the SOLD_TO field and attached it to the field's data element.

When I run my selection screen in WEB (It is ITS enabled) and click f4 help I get the pop-up window with list of field values to be picked.

In the F4 popup, there is a dropdown that normally contains a value "Restrictions" but in my case it does not contain any value. It is blank.

Beside this there is a search button, below which normally there should be input fields for searching. But in my case there are no input fields for searching.

What mistake I have done in serch help object?

How to resolve this issue?