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Jun 22, 2006 at 10:25 AM

0IC_C03 data error in non cumulative key figure


Hello Guru,

I am using the Business Content infocube Material stocks/Movements for loading inventory management data.

I followed accurately the instruction on the document "How to...Handle Inventory Management Scenarios in BW" but I have data problems with non cumulated key figure as "Quantity Total Stock" (0TOTALSTCK). In fact I check data loaded in BW with R/3 data (using MCBC transaction) and cumulated data are correct. For example Receipt Quantity Total Stock (0RECTOTSTCK)and

Issue Quantity Total Stock (0ISSTOTSTCK) are correct but Quantity total Stock gives data for a lot of materials in the past even if no material movements were created. For example it gives me value for a lot of material at 03.2005 even if the first real material movements are in 05.2005.

Any ideas,