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Release forecast APO-DP to ECC - consider a shipping calendar of the location ?

Hello experts,

in our DP solution we want to split down monthly bucket fcst into weeks. The requirement is to split it according to the shipping calendar of the location. Since this is a APO-DP to ECC scenario I cannot use the DP-to-SNP behaviour where it automatically checks the shipping calendar of the location. Now in DP I can't use a time stream in storage bucket profile of the planning area since the solution is globally used (China has different working days than US for example). So far I was able to use time based disaggr using a separate keyfigure which has "working days per week" so that a monthly fcst is broken down to weekly proportions using this keyfigure.

BUT: this does not allow me to control the working days when it comes to weekends - take for example week13 / 2017 where April 1st and 2nd is Saturday and Sunday belonging to April in that week 13 bucket and of course week 13 has "5 working days" (but they all belong to March 2017) - DP now doesn't understand that 1st and 2nd April are a weekend and takes 2/7 days * 5 as a proportion to split from April fcst down to week 13 - my goal is 0 since this is a weekend.

Any ideas ?

(I assume there is no way that the APO-to-ECC release checks a shipping calendar on ECC side using T001W etc.)



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