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SQL Analytic privilege on Analytic view generated from Cube not working

Mar 02, 2017 at 01:59 PM


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I'm trying to make the SQL Analytic Privileges work on an analytic view that has been generated based on a SAP BW InfoCube.

We're on Service Pack 12 for Hana, but on 7.40 SP 8 for SAP BW. The RS2HANA* transactions that allow to automatically generate the Analytic privileges are not available on this version.

So I want to create an AP myself for this view myself, so I:

- Set the 'Apply Privileges' property of the generated Analytical view to 'SQL Analytic Privileges'

- Create an AP where I add the view to the secured models and I add a simple restriction

- Assign the AP to my user

But when querying the data, I get an insuffictient privilege message ( Error: SAP DBTech JDBC: [258]: insufficient privilege). When I change the setting to 'Classical', I have no problem querying the data. I've been browsing here for quite some time, but I can't find a reason why it is not working. Anyone has an idea?



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Stupid question. But are you sure you have created a SQL Analytic Privilege instead of a classic one?

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1 Answer

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Former Member Mar 13, 2017 at 08:32 AM

Hello Florian,

Yes, I'm definitely creating an SQL AP.

Might there be a reason why it would not work on generated views?

I've tried it on a more up to date system, but I also don't get it to work on generated analytic views.

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