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[Broken Link] In public sector "new" help site

Hello team, in this "home" section for public sector:

https://help.sap.com/viewer/p/SAP_BUDGETING_AND_PLANNING_FOR_PUBLIC_SECTOR <-- (interesting all that words in MAYUS) lol

Anyway, that's shows:


Configuration Guide for SAP Budgeting and Planning for Public Sector

And link to: https://help.sap.com/http.svc/rc/d485ddfbfee74d8393d3212665bb01ae/1.0/en-US/SBP10_Config_Guide_11.pdf

And said: "We're sorry, but this content is not accessible."

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  • I'm sorry as well... but, sincerely sorry. How easy it appears to be destroying a working site. No tests, no regression checks, no expert views consideration... Just little snap of fingers, and hundreds of thousands of users have no access to the information they had.

  • I remember those days, where I could've responded to a basic SCN question with a cliché: "Please, search before posting or check help.sap.com'.

    I'm afraid, I don't have moral rights to use this phrase anymore :(

  • Looks like a lot of links will be lost...

    Links on WIKI, links in pdf documents etc...

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