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External Inspection of Sample from Vendor

Hello Guys,

I have a Situation, which is as follows:-

1. Material after produced is posted to Quality.

2. There is a external Inspection Included before posting the material to unrestricted location from quality location.

3. The Customer wants to send a sample to external agency for quality inspection while the batch is in quality location and the usage decision has not been done.

4. The lead time for the external inspection report is two days.

5. Once the report arrives from the external inspection, the data should be entered in results of inspection lot and the total quantity can be posted to unrestricted location.

Question. Is there a standard Movement type to issue material sample from Inspection lot directly to Cost Centre? As the material will not be returned, the material sent is accountable.

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    Posted on Mar 03, 2017 at 02:27 PM

    Hmmm.. have you done any searching on this? Material can be posted out of quality at anytime by a person authorized to do so. So the sample qty can be posted to unrestricited or blocked stock and then processed however you want with standard MM moves. Your material management guru's should be able to provide you with movements to issue against a cost center. Posting stock out of an inspection lot is simply standard out-of-the-box functionality. Why make it tougher than you have to? Maybe you can also post this out to a specific storage location, (virtual or physical) that allows them to be excluded from availability checks and picking onto orders.

    Now if your client or company has that desire to nail themseleves to the floor with a nail gun, and wish to spend money, then they could create a custom material movement, configure in one of the spare UD stock lines for posting similarly to how the stock posting sample line is done to write off samples consumed by testing. The custom movement would be set up to use a specific cost center. Might need something special behind the scenes to do that.

    One of the issues you have to take into account is how you process, ship and send the samples. Writing them off via the inspection lot is easy. If you need paperwork, including hazardouse material statements, handling procedures, packing slips, BOL's etc.. you can't just write that material off to never never land unless you plan on doing all that paperwork manually. Do you want paperwork for sending these out created by SAP? How are you tracking chain of custody? Are your samples regulated at all? Temperature sensitive? etc..

    Also, is the material valuable? Writing off an extra sample or two on each batch would probably never be missed. If 500g is written off, but 400g is shipped out for testing, whose going to know about that 100 g? You process 10 batches a week and someone has a kilo of material.

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