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How to reset the result for characteristics with Formula in SAP QM?

Hi Gurus,

I have a quality plan with five Optional characteristics as follows:

First I have entered results for Ca & Mg and Evaluated and closed. Results are calculated with formula for 3rd and 4th characteristic.

As per our business process I came to know that I need to record result for 5th characteristic only. Hence I unlock the characteristics, make results for Ca & Mg as 0. And evaluate again. For the fourth Formula where ratio of Ca & Mg is calculated, I am getting Error “Errors occurred during formula evaluation.”

Please let know how I can reset results for characteristic with formula of ratio again.



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    Next time, I will delete both of the questions instead of leaving one behind!

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3 Answers

  • Posted on Mar 05, 2017 at 02:09 PM

    Hi Nick

    Simulated the scenario reported
    Observations are as follows :

    Point 1 :
    For the characteristic ( RATIO Ca/Mg) : This is the Calculated characteristic, based on the Values of Ca% & Mg%.
    If you enter the value for Mg% = 0 (ZERO), then it will surely leads to the Error of Division by 0( Zero), Which is mathematically not correct.

    Point 2:
    Why you are entering the Zero values for Ca % & Mg% ?, Is it the Business requirement (or) you are entering for Testing Purpose ?

    Point 3 :
    If there is any chance , that you will get the Mg% = 0( Zero), then please avoid the Formula : RATIO = Ca% / Mg%

    Please find the attached file, for your ref, the simulated results as reported

    Hope, this will be some useful info. Kindly check & let me know with your feedback/comments
    Many Thanks for your quick feedback: Best regards : Raja Sekhara Reddy

    66txz.png (64.9 kB)
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  • Posted on Mar 06, 2017 at 10:05 AM

    Hello Nick,

    As explained by Mr. Rajashekar

    the 4th characteristic is a ratio which will be depending on the first two characteristics as per the formulae defined in the Quality plan against the MIC

    if the results of the first two characteristics will be zero means obviously system will through an error..

    please create the new inspection lot and try to enter the Ca% and Mg% results as zero then check the value of the Ratio Ca /Mg characteristic..

    It seems that CA%, MG% both are the quantitative characteristics, and the results should be CA% = Less than or equal to 0.20 and for Mg% less than or equal to 0.12

    In that situation how business will enter the results as Zero ??



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  • Posted on Mar 06, 2017 at 04:10 PM

    I beleive you can do this. But its not really pretty.

    First, the error you get in the formula mightbe becasue of divide by zero.

    So I think you first need to unlock all the characteristics. Then remove the the values for the non-formula characteristics. Now select them and force them close. You will have to manually assign a valuation to each one being closed.

    Then select the calculated characteristic and force close that. Again you'll have to provide a manual valuation.

    I'm not promising this will work. I can't test this in my current systems. But I think it should.


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