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Mar 02, 2017 at 01:12 PM

Export data from CE3xxx/CE4xxxx but CE3-PERBL has period > 16

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I try to write a simple report to export data from COPA.
I read tables CE4xxxx and CE3xxxx and it works for many VV fields but i get problems with others.
The problem is that i filter data with period for ex. 1-12 but for some VV we don't find values!

I search and find this data on CE3xxxx! They have PERBL like 2016022, 027, 032 .... that's why my report don't find them!
Very strange is that on CE1xxxx (same PAOBJNR) they are stored with the correct period (2016001, 2016002, 2016003, ....).

We load this data via KEU5 (Execute Actual Assessment) or KEUB (Plan Assessment).

I see that KEUB writes record on CE2xxxx and CE3xxxx and in this case both tables are have wrong PERBL! They have PERBL 2016018, 2016023, 2016028 .... and this are really 201601, 02, 03....

Now the question are:

  • Wich is the logic for this strange values on PERBL
  • Can i decode this PERBL correctly? How can i understand what's mean for exemple 2016022, 2016023