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How to move error IDOCs to a different Queue

Mar 02, 2017 at 09:46 AM


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Hello Experts..

We have Inbound IDOCs using single Queue for a Business process. if one IDOC Fails.. all the IDOCs are caught behind it. I am wondering if its possible to move all the error IDOCs into a separate Queue through a Background Job ?

We are already trying parallel Queues concept, the issue is the Performance of the System.


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I'm a bit confused - what "queue" are you talking about exactly? There is "RFC queue" and there is "parallel processing", these are two different things. If RFC connection is down then there is no moving anything anywhere, you need to fix it and reprocess the stuck items. But in such cases the IDocs don't get stuck behind one item. Unless there is serialization involved, but then you would have to process the IDocs in order. This doesn't add up...

You'd need to give us much more information, I believe, to get an answer.


Hi Jelena.. Due to resource constraint we are using single queue with EOIO.

is there a possibility to move the error IDOCs to a different queue and park them somewhere and process the rest of the messages ?

it may sound unusual, but we can't use parallel queues due to performance issue.

I am looking for some report to move the error IDOCs and process the rest of the messages using RSEINBQUEUE Report.



Uhm.. now this looks like the same question you posted here:


I am looking for anyone used custom ABAP code to solve this issue. which is different.

I am more of addressing the source of the issue now.


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