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Wrong amount getting posted while doing F-53

Mar 02, 2017 at 05:32 AM


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Hello All,

My Bank Accounts (Main,Outgoing & Incoming) are maintained in Foreign Currency (USD).

Local Currency - KES

When i am posting outgoing payment, amount in USD is coming right, but when i display currency in KES ie local Currency, amount in Bank GL is coming wrong.

eg: Bank - 100 usd cr Bank - 50 kes cr

Vendor - 110 usd dr. Vendor - 250 kes dr

VAT - 10 usd cr. VAT - 23 kes cr

ex gain/loss - 177

Please help to resolve this issue.

Thanks & Regards,

Pooja Saraf

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2 Answers

Gustavo Vazquez Mar 02, 2017 at 11:18 AM

Hi Pooja,

Check the exchange rate in F-53 (the field next to currency. The invoice ex rate is 2,27 (250/110) but the payment Ex Rate is 0,5 ( 50 / 100 ) .

Check OB22 to know the Ex Rate type assigned to your company and OBA7 and see if your document has got a different Ex Rate Tyep.

Validate your ex rate with OB08 and EWCT.

Kind Regards

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Former Member

Hello Gustavo,

No Exchange Rate were manually maintained at the time of posting.These entries have already been posted in January & millions of amount has gone into Exchange Gain/Loss Account.

I checked OB22 - exchange rate type maintained is M but in OBA7 exchange rate type field is left blank.

I even checked in OB08 & EWCT, exchange rates are coming right as maintained in OB08.

Kindly enlighten me on how to solve the error ie huge amount in exchange gain/loss amount.

I am not able to replicate this type of error now while i am trying to post this type of document. I need to find the cause of this error as i am not able to replicate the same error as of now.

Thanks & Regards,

Pooja Saraf.

Shinas Hamsa Mar 02, 2017 at 11:38 AM


Have you using * anywhere in the line items to pick the amount automatically ??

Using * in the line item and Enter sometimes cause this kind of Issue...

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