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Mar 02, 2017 at 05:16 AM

Dependent Dropdown in Analysis for office

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I am looking for an expert advice regarding Analysis for office/BI query.

We wanted to implement dependent dropdown/cascading filters.

I have created an ADSO/Query which I am displaying in Excel using “Analysis”.

Once the table/query is displayed, I have two columns for input. I want to control the second column based on first.

Please find the screenshots.

I tried finding more information from SCN blogs, but somehow I felt may be I am missing somehting.

Can you please suggest me way forward or alternate approaches or may be I am missing something?

Please let me know I can provide you more information.

There is a Product type and Product in the table.

I have defined these fields/info objects as compounding.

Both these fields are defined as “use char as key figure” at ADSO.

Both these fields are defined as “Input ready” at query.

When I select product type, the products should be filtered and should only show the products that are applicable for that product type



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