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A question about PO screen layout

Mar 02, 2017 at 04:41 AM


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Hi experts.

I have a question about PO screen layout.

I would like to change the screen layout of 'confirmation key' as below.

Is that possible?


・Creation of PO


・Creation of STO

・Change of PO

・Change of STO

I think this kind of setting is not possible right?

This is because I can regulate field selection by if it is PO or not(PT0F, PT7F), and if creation or change(AKTH,AKTV), but once either of which is set as mandatory in the combination of field selection keys, it becomes mandatory , no way to be an optional field.

Let's say I will customize field selection like below.

AKTH - mandatory

PT0F - optional

Certainly I won't be able to create PO without filling confirmation key but STO either.

Is my recognition right?

Best regards.


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2 Answers

Jagdeep Singh Choudhary Mar 02, 2017 at 06:23 PM

Each document type can be assigned to custom field selection key. Steps

1. Create custom field selection Key by copying NBF key.. create custom key - you can keep = your document type e.g. ZPO- NBF if you want control on PO.. othewise UBF for stock transfer

2. Make required field mandatory in the field (e.g. ZPO)

3. Go define document type - update your newly create field key

This key will work for that document in change and create mode as well. Please note if you already many documents in production system. changing the key will or field selection key impact your exiting documents as well.

if you do not want it should impact your existing documents. Implement BADI with a start date to make those field mandatory so that existing documents are not impacted

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Rashid Ali Mar 02, 2017 at 01:26 PM


Make mandatory in vendor master data and Purchase info record and maintain it, it will pick automatically in the po



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