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Jun 19, 2006 at 09:28 AM

selection of 0CURTYPE in a copa datasource


Hi everybody,

I'm being asked to give a hand to a colleague of mine....

he has a problem with the copa datasource...Unfortunately

i've always worked on extraction from modules sd and mm...

and I don't know how copa exctraction works... I've found

a lot of documents... read some of them... but now I need

your help...

his problem is related to 0CURTYPE...the requirement is

to exctract only the company code values..I thought then that

if the 0CURTYPE was available as selection field in the

infopackage... the problem would be easily solved.... but

at the moment it is not a selection field and

moreover to make it a selection field it would mean recreate

the datasource and apply the oss note 390146. I'm told that

we're not allowed to recreate the datasource... so I was wondering

now if I could make this selection in R3..adding some code in the

CMOD...something like...


when 'COPA'

delete data_package where CURTYPE NE '10'....

or something like that....

will the "delete data_package" work here?...have you got

any other idea?

they would filter the data directly in the R3 environment...

thank you very much for your help