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Mar 01, 2017 at 07:32 PM

Multiple material documents against same reservation


An user reported he found in MB51 two material documents associated to the same reservation.

The reservation was created (tx. MB21, mov type 201) for 10 UN. In MB51 I found two materials documents associated to the reservation, 10 UN each! There is no a cancellation (I verified through MBSM).

I found the material documents were posted by different users with 26 seconds of difference.

I replicated this case with two SAP sessions. I called transaction MIGO in each session and posted a good issue 201, and immediately I posted a second good issue 201 for same reservation. System posted both documents!!!!! I assume it was possible to post the second one because field RESB-KZEAR was blank at this moment.

Then I called transaction MIGO in two sessions again, and posted two good issues 201 for the same reservation, waiting a prudential time between both postings. System issues message M7 064 “Document & does not contain any selectable ítems”. I assume in this case, system “had enough time“ to set field RESB-KZEAR as X.

It is possible to block object “reservation” during posting to avoid this behavior?

SAP version:SAP ECC 6.0