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Mar 01, 2017 at 06:16 PM

How to recover or handle archiving error in AS States Management


Hi Experts,

We are currently archiving business contacts (ISU_BCONT). In the past couple of months, we noticed a gap in data during data retrieval. Further investigation indicates that the jobs contains error in Archive Information System: States Management with a yellow light. (This can be accessed through SARI->Status->Status Per Archive, after entering Archiving object ISU_BCONT.)

So in SARA->Management, these jobs have green light, indicating both the delete job and store job successful. However, we can't retrieve data in SARI->Archive Explorer, for the particular Archive Files.

The question is, how do we recover from this error? I checked in the archive folder, and no outstanding archive files exists. In Management, the number of deleted objects are less than the number of written objects. But delete jobs doesn't find any files to delete, since no outstanding archive files exists. Do we have a data loss, and if so, how do we recover?

Thanks for your help!