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Mar 01, 2017 at 05:18 PM

[Bug] No options to submit pictures in 360 secured browser 8


Feng Mei informed me in this discussion that he can't attach or embed pictures:

I have try the both icon, I want to upload three pictures one by one. After uploading, pop up a dialog box "Preview and adjust the size", I can see the picture, but there is no confirm button, only a fork to close the dialog box. Maybe there is something wrong with my browser...What browser do you use?

Jürgen L :

Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome and Firefox - I just tried all 3 and have no issue in any of them.

Feng Mei:

Google Chrome is good!

The picture from my "preview and resize" window, no "cancel" and "accept" button.

My browser is "360 secured browser 8",version, kernel version 45.0.2454.101.

Thank you !