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Jun 17, 2006 at 10:43 AM

Change in smartform layout



I have a smartform with 3 pages. Page 1 calls page 2 and page2 calls itself recursivly (ie for page 2, next page is page 2). Then we have page 3 which has the terms and conditions. Currently we have a command node after the main window, which takes us to page 3 (terms and conditions) after processing for page 1 and page 2 is completed. The main window has 3 tables, one for card data, next table for some special clauses and 3rd for item level data

Now the client wants a change. He wants that all item level data which is part of the main window, should start from a new page ie after the card data and the special clauses are printed on the PO, the item level data should start form a new page and if the item level data overflows more then one page there should be a page break. How can we acheive this? Please help.